The Morning-After Pill Available For Free In Wales

Via Daily Mail. Yes, that Daily Mail. Much snark forthcoming, I promise.

In true Daily Mail fashion the full title has a caveat of “even to under 16s if ‘clinically appropriate'” with quotes around ‘clinically appropriate’ just in case you didn’t notice the disapproval from the initial qualification.

It’s the usual mess: greater accessibility to birth control will increase teen promiscuity (because sex is the enemy and won’t someone think of the children!)

But critics fear the change will promote a casual and irresponsible attitude to sex. They point out women will know that they can easily get hold of the pill within 72 hours of sex, when it is most effective at preventing pregnancy.

Oh wow, watch out world! The rate of sex will increase just so these stupid girls (and don’t tell me that wasn’t implicit in their wording) can have an excuse to go to pharmacies right after having sex.


Same old song from pearl-clutching conservatives who refuse to understand that what teenagers (and arguably a good amount of adults) need is sex education. Not just the kind with the bibles between your knees and biology- fallopian tube here, vas deferens here- but the kind that gives stats on sexually transmitted infections/diseases (STIs) and their transmission, the kind that informs on birth control and protection, the kind that offers useful resources that actually offer all the options should a pregnancy or STI transmission occur, the kind that teaches sex positivity, and let’s never forget the kind that encourages healthy dating and sex practices.

Sex is not the enemy here, ignorance is.


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