Padma Lakshmi’s Colorblindness?

Indian model, actress, and cookbook author Pad...

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Quoth Padma Lakshmi:

“I don’t get up in the morning thinking, ‘I’m an Indian’ or ‘I’m a woman’ or ‘I’m a person of color’ or ‘I’m this or I’m that.’ I get up thinking, ‘Alright, what can I do to accomplish what I find interesting in the world?’ I never start from a place of my ethnicity or my gender, I start from a place of ambition and just curiosity about the world I live in and enthusiasm for being active, mentally and physically.”

Well that’s nice for her, or it would be, except earlier in the interview she says (and I wish Jezebel would have quoted this in their post):

Being an immigrant in the country, being a woman of color, but just being a hard-working person that’s just trying to do something in life that’s using their head and their effort should be enough.

So it’s clear she’s thinking about it. It may not be the first thing she thinks about, but I’m sure when the institutional racism and sexism and xenophobia creeps up on her, as it does for all of us, each day, she thinks about it.

When I wake up, I’m just same old me. Unfortunately when I move in this world, or pick up a newspaper, or turn on the TV, or look up at  a billboard, I lose that luxury, that privilege (because it was never really there).  The rub of privilege is that for some, that privilege is never lost. When they wake up they are them, and the world is not only okay with that, the world rewards them for that.


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