Class Wars: Homeless Woman Arrested For Sending Her Son To School

A homeless woman faces criminal charges for sending her 6 year old son to school; they are accusing her of stealing around $15,000 dollars from the district.

The apparent crackdown may have something to do with the city’s tightening budget.

Mayor Richard Moccia said that he was aware that an investigation was proceeding in the case and that an arrest was possible.

“This now sends a message to other parents that may have been living in other towns and registering their kids with phony addresses,” he said.

While Moccia said it was sad the case involves a woman who appears to be homeless, he pointed out that if she had been living at the Norwalk shelter and registered her child there she would not be facing charges now.

Do I really need to outline the wtfuckery of this mess?

The ridiculous claim of budgetary necessity? Do they really expect us to believe that they expect this woman to somehow manage $15,000?

I’m curious, would they charge her son with truancy and her with neglect were she to not have sent her child to school?


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