On That News That I Don’t Even Want To Acknowledge (because, fuckery): PWB (Presidenting While Black)

via mother jones:

The birther hysteria won’t go away because in many ways the birther movement really isn’t about the birth certificate.

via the griot:

“During his presidency, no one ever questioned whether George W. Bush was qualified to attend Yale or Harvard Business School. Yet, he was a C student and an individual with no personal achievements other than his last name. Generations of Bushes had attended Yale, which is why W was admitted. It is assumed that he, like others before him, deserved it. White privilege is normalized in a society where a number of people still believe that an African-American does not deserve to attend an Ivy League school, much less become leader of the free world. Now that [Obama] is president, they must delegitimize him by claiming he is not a citizen, and that he was a bad student.”

via elle, phd:

When I first turned on the internet this morning and realized that President Obama had released the long-form version of his birth certificate, verifying that he was, indeed, born in Hawai’i, my first sarcastic thought was, “Bet some people finally regretting how we stole Hawai’i now.”

Beyond my sarcasm, though, I think the president has set a horrible precedent.


And why? He can’t really believe the people who even posit shit like this will ever be satisfied or accepting of his presidency. Instead of saying, “I’m tired of this shit, it’s ridiculous, so here is proof,” he should’ve been saying, “I’m tired of this shit, it’s ridiculous, and I won’t engage with it.”

My reaction was pretty much the same. Also, what’s next? Because we all know this won’t satisfy anyone, what in fresh hell is next?

Is he going to be screened against the terrorist watchlist like the 9/11 responders?

Maybe they’ll get someone from Torchwood over here to make sure that he’s not an alien? Full body scan by TSA (just in case)?

Oooh, I know! Throw him in water and see if he floats. Maybe have him walk over some hot coals.



Also, via feministe:

Obviously it is a fake. Obama says he was born in Hawaii. But we’ve all seen the show LOST, which was filmed in Hawaii, and no one survives childbirth on the island. So it’s IMPOSSIBLE that Obama was born in Hawaii, and this document is an obvious forgery. How stupid does he think we are? OBAMA LIES, DON’T BE SHEEP, VOTE TRUMP IN 2012.


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