6) Erasing Racism From Racial Issues*

So according to the Daily Show (at least from the mouths of Larry Wilmore and Jon Stewart) this whole birtherism clusterfuck had nothing to do with race and was just about scaring old (let’s face it, white) people because they did the same thing to Bill Clinton.

The fuck?

Now, Clinton endured some mess from the GOP, but I don’t remember anyone asking him for his papers.

Or dressing him up as a pimp or ‘witch-doctor’.

Or a monkey.

Or having to deal with racists asking for their country back because it didn’t look white enough anymore.

Liberal fail, Daily Show, and somehow it always burns more than the shit we expect from the GOP and their ilk. Listen, Beef Stew, I need you and your staff to go read the following posts, right damn quick, because apparently we do have to acknowledge this fuckery:

Texas Birther Rep.: More Study Needed – motherjones

Is Obama an ‘affirmative action president’? – thegriot

Pull Over, that Ass Is Too Black! – elle, phd

A Daily Show dodge, racism is racism, not “opportunism” – reachblack

*heading is from content in my previous post.


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