signal boost: Let’s Talk About Rape via Rosewater Sailor

[Trigger Warning for discussion of rape, depression]

Today, someone asked me why I’m “always talking about rape.” Not because they genuinely wanted to know, but because they wanted to communicate to me that they thought it was strange, or that they didn’t like it…The response I received was this: “Maybe you should stay silent. Talking about it makes people uncomfortable. You don’t like it when people joke about it, right? So why would you want to encourage people to talk about it then?”


One can talk about rape without making a rape joke. I do it all the time, as a matter of fact. One can talk about the constant shaming of survivors and the victim-blaming attitudes that permeate every corner of our society. One can talk about the various online forums that are populated with people who don’t know if they’ve been raped because what happened to them doesn’t fit the “stranger in the alleyway” narrative we’ve all been taught since childhood. There are a million ways to discuss rape without minimizing the experiences of survivors or asking them to laugh in the face of their trauma.

read full post: I’m not asking. I’m demanding.


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