cool links: The Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project Shows that Love is Ageless via Colorlines

Something to smile wide about:

The Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project,” which will highlight several black lesbian women in their 60s, 70s and 80s, talking about their experiences.

The documentary will be a collaborative effort between filmmaker Tiona McClodden and Lisa C. Moore, publisher of Red Bone Press, which publishes books by black gay and lesbian authors. It’s fitting that Moore is one of the masterminds behind this project, since she saw Red Bone as a way to cultivate understanding between black queer culture and black mainstream culture when other publishers said there was “no market” for that kind of work.

McClodden commented on the difficulty of finding positive representations of people of color in the queer scene:

I hope this film will provide a way for Black lesbians like me to see each other and be affirmed in our existence as a powerful and strong social force with important opinions. We, as black lesbians, have something to say, and if given the opportunity can and will say it loudly.

You should keep tabs on their progress via the project’s Tumblr.


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