via she hulk smash: Privilege doesn’t make you a bad person.

In my discussions with people, I’ve found that a lot are unwilling to accept their privilege (typically white or male, or at least those are the people that get the maddest). I understand why being told straight up that you have privilege can be upsetting. When you get called out on something that sounds negative that is supposed to be representative of the group you identify with, of course you’re going to get defensive. But, privilege is a reality and not a stereotype or a slur. Logically, nobody is living the same life, and some of us have it better or tougher than other people. That’s what privilege is. A lot of us are privileged in some respect, by being white or educated or heterosexual (or, at least passing for it like I know I am most of the time), or male or cisgendered or having a certain body type or being physically/mentally healthy or being wealthy… a lot of things. And, being privileged doesn’t make someone a bad person. It just means that they have an easier time than other people as a result of that privilege. Everyone is privileged in some way, and some people are a lot more oppressed than others. And, it’s really important that you acknowledge that.

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