Enough Already!

I have absolutely had it with all those claiming that all of us enraged over Troy Davis didn’t give a shit about Lawrence Brewer (who also apparently ended Texas’ last meal policy).

Lawrence Brewer- convicted of murder after lynching James Byrd, declared before his execution, “As far as any regrets, no, I have no regrets…No, I’d do it all over again, to tell you the truth”- was murdered yesterday. Troy Davis- whose case had holes the size of Georgia, including seven witness recanting- was murdered yesterday.

The bottom line remains, capital punishment is legalized murder. It comes from a long line of barbarity that included boiling to death and crucifixion and that we’ve moved on to more “humane” methods, like killing people with pentobarbital, a drug used to euthanize animals. But no worries, right? Since they’ve been sedated beforehand, anyway?


Both of these men were murdered. However, note this.

80% of capital punishment cases involve white victims even though approximately 50% of murder cases involve white victims.

72% of cases approved for the death penalty by prosecution involved people of color.

As of October 2002, 12 people have been executed where the defendant was white and the murder victim black, compared with 178 black defendants executed for murders with white victims.

ACLU – Race and the Death Penalty

Are you still unaware of the reason why Troy Davis’ case was more than another cry against capital punishment?

Do you get it yet?


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