A Calmer (or at least much shorter) Perspective?


Jessica Yee speaks: Responding to the mainstream feminist blogosphere on Feminism FOR REAL

Or at least one not so raw from the initial hurt.

On covering all the books, and all the articles, and all the things:
I’d like it to make it clear, I am not asking for feminist blogs with major readership to cover everything, but it would be cool for them to not only acknowledge that they can’t (because their admins are not super computers) or haven’t or won’t, but that some may feel left out or erased because they don’t. That too is a valid perspective.

On privilege and the vilification of  “calling out”:
We do need to have our privilege called out. To be feminist in practice means that we have to actively listen to fellow feminists critiques. It is natural to immediately go on the defensive, because damn it we are still human; we just have to understand that it is not a statement on our general character (though being unwilling to consider other perspectives just might be), but a call to awareness. We also have to realize that while we may not want the interaction to stop there, while we may want more than “this is fail, stop” it is not anyone’s place or responsibility to educate or teach us. The next step, is entirely up to the person who got called out, not the person who did the calling out. That being said, if the person who did the calling out feels up to doing some educating, some linking, and some referring, more power to them- and we should count ourselves doubly lucky that someone had the spoons to bother with our fail.


Jessica Yee speaks: Responding to the mainstream feminist blogosphere on Feminism FOR REAL


6) Erasing Racism From Racial Issues*

So according to the Daily Show (at least from the mouths of Larry Wilmore and Jon Stewart) this whole birtherism clusterfuck had nothing to do with race and was just about scaring old (let’s face it, white) people because they did the same thing to Bill Clinton.

The fuck?

Now, Clinton endured some mess from the GOP, but I don’t remember anyone asking him for his papers.

Or dressing him up as a pimp or ‘witch-doctor’.

Or a monkey.

Or having to deal with racists asking for their country back because it didn’t look white enough anymore.

Liberal fail, Daily Show, and somehow it always burns more than the shit we expect from the GOP and their ilk. Listen, Beef Stew, I need you and your staff to go read the following posts, right damn quick, because apparently we do have to acknowledge this fuckery:

Texas Birther Rep.: More Study Needed – motherjones

Is Obama an ‘affirmative action president’? – thegriot

Pull Over, that Ass Is Too Black! – elle, phd

A Daily Show dodge, racism is racism, not “opportunism” – reachblack

*heading is from content in my previous post.

But I Thought We Lived In A Post-Racial Society (*sarcasm turned up to eleven*)

Go, go now and read: 10 Conversations On Racism I’m Sick Of Having With White People:

1) Racism Is Bad, 2) You Should Stay And Fight For Change, 3) I Don’t SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Race!!!!!, 4) Being Expected To Take It, 5) Conflating Racism For Classism, 6) Erasing Racism From Racial Issues, 7) Prove It To Me, 8) I’m Really Not The Angry Militant POC You Think I Am, 9) Self-Esteem Negates All Racism, 10) Racism Is Not Happening In A Vacuum


In response to the most popular blog post we have ever had, 10 Conversations On Racism I’m Sick Of Having With White People; I would just like to say to all those arrogant white folks stay away from this site.  We here at this site have been producing very valuable and insightful information about Africans, Mexicans, Indigenous, and other colonized people for well over a year now.  Well what do you know, a post that made white people feel “uncomfortable” elicited the most responses.  That just tells me, we are hitting the wrong demographic, so I want to rectify that.  If you feel the need to tell us, the “Dark Hordes”, how your little feelings got hurt, then take your ass away from our site and develop you own called “Whitefolkscantakethetruth.com”!!!


Another point I want to bring up in response to some of the apocryphal comments I read is that I always hear that women suffer like Black people, then how does a Black woman suffer then?  Tell me you arrogant bastards?  It’s clear to me that you equate being a “woman” with being a white woman, so Black women are beyond the purview for humanity.


Did I forget to mention, I am one of the editors by the way.  Smile motherfuckers.

Well, yes.

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