via abortiongang: Transgender and Choice: Can We Start a Conversation?

The language of the last reproductive justice wave was about women, “women’s health,” “women’s needs,” and “women’s rights,” and with good reason, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that that language is exclusionary – too exclusionary, to my mind, for the movement I hope to be a part of building. We’ve had the start of this conversation several times on this blog. Women are no longer the only ones who get pregnant. Many people now can and do get pregnant who do not identify as women. This war on reproductive justice may in many ways still be the “war on women” it is often referred to as, given the narrow gender identities the antichoice community too often ascribes to, but it is not only a war on women when so many people suffer in a silence imposed by language and many kinds of violence.

How do we make prochoice about more than the gender binary? How do we work with language? How do we do direct outreach, how do we make clinics and doctor’s offices and family planning centers truly safe spaces?


Making it clear that I don’t believe it’s anyone’s responsibility to teach/inform, I’d be really excited to see where this conversation goes. More than that, it’s going to require research, and active learning, rather than waiting for someone else to come teach those of us still ignorant on the subject.

Oh yeah, and hopefully this means I’m back on a more regular basis.


cool links: Proudly African & Transgender: Portraits

via black  looks:

Portraits and narratives of ten transgendered Africans from seven countries in East and Southern Africa by Gabrielle Le Roux in partnership with IGLHRC exhibited for the first time by Amnesty International – Amsterdam.

art: portrait of Nicole from Kenya art: portrait of Skipper Mogapi from Botswanaart: portrait of Madam Jholerina from Namibia

For fullsize pics and more info, check out the post here!

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