feminist tv review: Camelot (Starz) 1×05

This was a significantly better episode than all the others, and not just because they managed to make an episode without supplementary smut. Feminist agenda in three parts and spoilers ahead…

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Manic Pixie Dream Girls As Explained By Anita Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian from the awesome blog, Feminist Frequency is doing a series of vblogs called Tropes vs. Women that “[explore] the reoccurring stories, themes and representations of women in Hollywood films and TV shows.” Her first post is on the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a cute, bubbly, young (usually white) woman who has recently entered the life of our brooding hero to teach him how to loosen up and enjoy life.


Link to full transcript over here.

More on the Manic Pixie Dream Girl over here at TV Tropes. Warning, links lead to TV Tropes.

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