Nigerian Senate Moves To Ban Gay Marriage

The Nigerian senate is moving to ban gay marriage as well as discourage any allies of the Nigerian LGBTQIA community. According to Nigeria’s Daily Times, all the senators participating in the ‘debate’ took the same stand. That gay marriage is wrong, both morally and spiritually.

“We as a country need to act very fast for this trend not to find its way into our country,” said Obende [the bill’s sponsor]. “Same sex marriage cannot be allowed on moral and religious grounds. The Muslim religion forbids it. Christianity forbids it and the African traditional religion forbids it. It should not be allowed because it will lead to a breakdown of the society.”

To make it worse:

Penal Codes in Nigeria already prohibit same sex marriages or carnal knowledge against natural order in Nigeria. Homosexuality can land men up to 14 years in prison in the South and capital punishment for men in areas under Sharia Islamic Law.

The bill prescribes three years imprisonment for couples convicted of same sex marriage and five years for any person that witnesses, abets and aides the solemnisation of same sex marriages.

Another unfortunate blow against collective LGBTQIA rights in Africa.


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No, You Aren’t African!

Keep A Child Alive, you do good work, but…

Please quit with these “I Am African” campaigns!!

Painting yourself with “tribal markings”, and really what the heck does that mean and posing with the illusion of nudity does nothing to make white Hollywood heavy-hitters African, know why? They’re not. They have the ‘privilege’ (remember that word) of washing out those markings, putting on their thousand dollar clothes, and walking off the sets! Know what us Africans get to do, keep being African. Having DNA that can be ”traced back” to Africa doesn’t give you the first idea of what it means to be African.

And we don’t really appreciate the victimization either.

Oh, and the homogenization is getting old.

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