Today In Awesome: Arizona Students Fight Back || COLORLINES

Students at the University of Arizona are fighting back against the anti-immigrant sentiment prevalent in their state. The students erected their own border fence. They deconstruct the oppressive image of a border fence by using the fence to inform and teach students and any passer-by.


The fence spans the length of four football fields and runs along one side of the campus quad, forcing students to walk all the way around it. While a few people have complained about the inconvenience, student leaders told me that many people said thanks for providing a focal point that got people to rethink borders.


College Republicans put out their own perspective through a memorial near the fence honoring fallen border patrol officers…No Mas Muertes did a great job of responding when that memorial was vandalized (someone wrote bad things in chalk on the sidewalk in front of it). Member Francisco Baires told KGUN9 News that he was appalled that someone “desecrated” the Border Patrol memorial and that the fence honored all those who died on the border, migrant and law enforcement alike. Good answer.

The article ends with a tip from from Scholarships A-Z, an organization that helps young undocumented immigrants figure out how to navigate getting into and paying for college: “Be patient. Laws can be changed. Don’t give up, be future oriented.”

Definitely read the full article and view more photos at ColorLines.


Arizona Proposes Fat Taxes

Arizona is thinking about adding a $50 charge to patients who smoke, have diabetes (even though this is a medical condition), or those considered overweight (you mean there are people who haven’t seen the numbers connecting socioeconomic status and obesity?). Apparently adding this fee is apparently supposed to encourage healthier habits.

It only gets weirder. This fee would only be for “childless adults”.

So, to recap the offensive extent of this proposal, if you’re an overweight, smoking, diabetic with no children, you’re screwed.

Current state plan expires September 30th.

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